When people talk about America and top places to visit, you will always hear the famous cities popularized by Hollywood and media – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and many more.

However, small towns also have a lot to offer to visitors and travelers. Here is a short list of American small cities that you have to include in your travel itinerary while in the United States.

Sonoma, California

The stereotypical tourist spot and vacation destination in the American West are the major cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, not to mention a tour of famous Hollywood. However, a short drive away from the San Francisco Bay Area is the small, valley town of Sonoma. Here, visitors and guests can experience the same melting pot food culture that could be found in the big cities. Enjoy the Mexican barbecue and various Asian restaurants that this town has to offer. Not to mention, Sonoma also has several posh wine-tasting rooms for wine enthusiasts. There are many exciting places to stay with buildings constructed in the Spanish Colonial style.

Beacon, New York

If you are looking for a homey, small-town feel after the exciting and energetic atmosphere of New York City, just travel north of the city to the eastern shores of the Hudson River to Beacon, New York in Duchess County. Artists and artisans would enjoy the town’s history as a former manufacturer of metal works and castings for sculptures. Foodies can indulge in home-made delicacies such as gourmet popsicles from Zora Dora, Glazed Over Donuts bakeries, and craft alcohol from the Hudson Valley Brewery. After enjoying the small town’s comfort food offerings, tourists can visit the Beacon Museum, Main Street murals, or hike on Mount Beacon for picturesque views of the Hudson River Valley.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Europe is not the only one that has beautifully served towns from different time-periods. Eureka Springs, a small town in Arkansas, has a downtown filled with buildings dating back from the Victorian period. They have more than a hundred shops and galleries that guests can explore along with Ozark culture and music and some steam-train rides. Aside from the attractions from downtown, guests can go hiking or zip lining in the Ozark mountains or take some time for rest and relaxation in several hot spring spots. Enjoy comfy lodgings and multicultural cuisine from Europe, America, and Asia.

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

The American East Coast is also home to some of the best beaches and coastal towns that you can visit. One of these is Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. The town’s coastal area’s main attractions are, of course, the white sand beach, the Jenkinson boardwalk, seaside amusement rides, and lines of restaurants where they serve Northeast favorites such as hand-shaken lemonade and rolls filled with sausage and peppers. Downtown, there are antique shops, coffee shops, and other unique stores that you can visit.

Ephraim, Wisconsin

Hollywood films and television shows have made famous the American summer vacation culture with lakeside activities, camping, and log cabins. You can experience the same picturesque views and fun, family-friendly activities in Ephraim, Wisconsin. This American Midwestern small town is located in Door County between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. The town has a steady summer following from families and groups of friends that flock over for water sports, lakeshore views, camping and hiking spots, and cherry picking.

Ephraim, Wisconsin