Idukki, a beautiful small town located in the Indian state of Kerala, provides you with one of the best experiences of your life in monsoon. It’s a hilly town with numerous mountain peaks all over the region. The district of Idukki is also known for having most of its area covered with dense forests, which makes the town look lush green. The rare Neelakurinji flower is also found in this district. In the northern region of the city, on the Anamundi mountain, the Neelakurinji flower blossoms once in 12 years. Not far from this fascinating town lies Munnar, a place famous for tea plantations.

If you ever plan to visit India, especially southern India, you should experience the rain in the peaceful town of Idukki. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of delightful drizzling coming down on the glass of your window. The whole atmosphere in the room and around you, making you feel lazy. Nothing can beat a refreshing cup of coffee while sitting on the chair and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. If you’re lucky and have an elderly caretaker for you in the hotel, you might end up hearing some soulful stories about the region and the rains. This hotel room experience is what you’ll experience typically on a rainy day in Idukki as a tourist. But if you want something extra special, here are some famous spots in Idukki where you can enjoy the rain like never before.

Top Station

Top Station, which stands at about 1700 m altitude from sea level, provides you with one of the most thrilling experience during the rain. The area hilltop with lots of trees and plants. You’ll see greenery as far as you can see. If you find yourself a spot without trees standing over you, you can feel the raindrops falling on your body and face. The views of the valley from the top Station are mesmerizing. During the rain, the valley looks like a paradise from the hilltop. This place is one of the very few places in Kerala, where if you’re lucky enough, you can witness a snow shower.

The Forests of Kulamavu

The road going up to the top of the mountain around Kulamavu is a joy to drive on regular days. The way this fully covered with Berry trees. But the real fun comes with the hairpin bends when you feel like a professional racing driver on the corners. There are 12 bends on this road, each which has a different thrill. During the rain, it feels like the shower is chasing you. After the mountain pass, you can enjoy the dense forests around you to Kulamavu. Waking through the forest is also an exciting experience during the rain.

The Forests of Kulamavu
The Forests of Kulamavu

Number 40

The hills of Ramakalmedu are famous for a different kind of ‘Number 40’ rain. The name refers to the thickness of the raindrops. In stitching and knitting, the number 40 thread is considered very thick; number 40 rain has gotten this name from this thread. Climb to the top of the hill and enjoy the shower like a kid. It’s always better to ask someone local if there’s a chance of thunder or not. Once you get a nod from him, go and have fun.