Small towns in any country are closer to the culture and traditions of that country than the big cities. The centuries-old rituals give you a glimpse of the history of the town. Festivals and fairs are an essential part of those rituals and traditions. From culinary specialties to different kinds of parades, these festivals have it all. For anyone who loves to explore new cultures, local festivals provide you with lifelong memories. America has a very vibrant small-town festival culture; let’s take a look at some of the festivals in America that you should not miss.

Lobster Festival

Rockland, a small town in the state of Maine, hosts a big Lobster Festival every year in August to celebrate the state’s very own crustacean. Lobsters are the main center of attraction of this festival, with different lobster dishes being served up to the visitors. Also, there is a seafood making competition that takes place at this event, so it’s an excellent opportunity for wannabe chefs to showcase their cooking skills. Other than the food events, there are concerts, parades, and other fun activities going on, on the sidelines of the festival.

Shakespeare Festival

Anyone who loves theater should visit this Shakespeare Festival at least once in their lifetime. In this festival, the best creations of Shakespeare are performed in three different theaters of Ashland, Oregon, over several months. The teams behind these plays include the best professionals in the theater world from all over the world. You can meet these the performers and the backstage workers on backstage tours. There are also many lectures going on during this festival on the legacy of William Shakespeare. If you get bored with the overdose of information, there are options to check out the vineyards, galleries, and the landscape of this part of Oregon.

Harvest Fair

Every year, in October, this grand harvest Fair is organized in Sonoma county. The local vintners, farmers, and producers show their winemaking skills to all the wine lovers of the world. These wines are served with delicious local food for visitors. Cooking seminars and food demos are quite common at this fair. But the real attention seeker of this fair is the competition of crushing the grapes with their feet to collect more juice than the other team.

Harvest Fair
Harvest Fair

Tulip Festival

Skagit Valley of Washington hosts one of the biggest tulip festivals in the world, every year in April. In the countryside area of the valley, you can witness more than 250 acres of space filled with beautiful tulips of different colors. The magnitude of the area covered with tulips can make you feel like you’ve landed in the never-ending valley of tulips. You can use bicycles to experience the beauty of the valley to cover the full area. Maps and other essential details are available at the welcome center. Once you get tired of the tulips and cycling, you can try salmon with some wine in a local restaurant.