Bulgaria is a small and astonishingly beautiful country located in Southeastern Europe. Tourism is one of the top sources of the Country’s economy. Other than the usual big cities, it also has some very peaceful and picturesque towns. In Bulgaria, a small town must have less than 30,000 residents to get the status of a small town. You should visit some of these small towns on your visit to Bulgaria, to see the traditional and cultural side of the Country. Here are some of the most famous small towns in Bulgaria.


Lovech is a must-visit town on your visit to the beautiful Country of Bulgaria. The covered bridge is the center of attraction for the tourists, as it is one of a kind in Bulgaria. The view consisting of the bridge, and many colorful houses surrounding it, is astonishingly beautiful.  It is the perfect starting point to explore the town. From the covered bridge, you can head towards the old area of the town, where you’ll find lush green Revival homes, which have a great history behind them. Visitors here also love to climb up the hill to get the bird’s eye view of the town.



Melnik, the tiniest town of Bulgaria is home to less than 400 residents. It is known for having the Country’s best winemakers. The vineyards of Melnik are incredibly beautiful and should not be missed on your visit to this scenic town. There are also some beautiful white pyramids surrounding the vineyards. Locals of the town are super friendly and are always happy to show you around and offer some wine.


Balchik is one of those places which offers you different kinds of the atmosphere in different weathers. It is packed in Summers, and peaceful and tranquil during the winters. Balchik is located on the coast, so along with the medieval experience, you can also enjoy some beach time here. It has an old palace worth visiting, which once belonged to a famous Romanian queen. Balchik also has a notable garden, which has some of the rarest plants, collected from all over the world.


Famous for its talented painters, and woodcarvers, Tryavna can take you on an incredible artistic journey. The artists of this quaint town have a unique style, that is easy to recognize. Craftsman street is the go-to place of this town, where you’ll find some of the most exquisite artistry related to leather and wood. Check out some impressive art galleries on this street, and head straight to the tower with clock after that, to click some memorable pictures.


Nessebar has been a prominent port for business, since medieval times. Romans, Greeks, and Thracians have all used this port for trade, and their engagement is quite evident with this town. The old area of the town still gives you a feeling of stepping into ancient times. There are many more than 600 years old churches in the streets of the old town. You can also stop by some local restaurants or cafes, to soak in the local vibes.