When you visit South Africa, there’s more than the cities and all the usual famous touristy spots. There are so many places you could go to, like a retreat for artists that has tall mountains surrounding it or a quiet fishing village. This article will tell you about some small towns that you should visit for an experience that’s different from the one you’d get from visiting all the usual places.

Prince Albert

At the hills at the base of Karoo’s Swartberg Mountains is a beautiful town called Prince Albert. In this town, you’ll find shops that revolve around art and restaurants that serve fantastic food. Some activities let you go on adventures, as well as many galleries and studios that you can visit. There is also a place where you can attend yoga classes, or you can get a massage done at the town’s massage parlor.


If you’re in Graaff Reinet’s area, the perfect detour would be to visit the small town of Nieu-Bethesda. The town has around a hundred people living in it, so it might seem like a town that has nothing to do. Despite the population having only a hundred or more people, you can do quite a bit like explore a unique bookstore or ride a cart lead by donkey. The town is known to be the place to go if you’re looking to unwind, so it’s an excellent location to take a rest if you’re going on a trip in the Karoo.


Clarens is a town filled with artists, so the town will look like it came from a painting. People call the town the Jewel of the Eastern Free State. You’ll find the town in the hills at the base of the Maloti Mountains. In this town of artists, you’ll be able to explore peaceful clothing stores, art galleries, and the brewery at the center of the town. There’s a lot to do in this town, and you’ll be busy for the whole time you’re in town if you decide to visit all these places.



Along the Vaal River’s banks is the town of Parys. The town is near the most gargantuan crater on Earth, the Vredefort Dome. The crater is also designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The town is known for antiques since it has a large variety of stores that have antiques. The town is also near the country’s most expansive olive forest. You can do plenty of things in the town, from archery to rafting down the rivers, or stargazing to bird watching.


If you want to visit the city where the largest diamond ever was found, then Cullinan is the town you want to visit. At the twentieth century’s beginning, the discovery of the largest diamond happened. The diamond was worth over three thousand carats, and the diamond has become a part of the United Kingdom’s Crown Jewels. These days, the town is home to a busy street that has many restaurants and cafes, which are all worth a try. There is a tour you can go on through the diamond mine where the largest diamond was found, but if you don’t want to go into the mine, you can go on a trip in the small town and relax.