The regional diversity of Spain is incredible, so here you can enjoy its endless beaches, great cities, or dive into the real Spanish life while visiting amazing little villages. Village life can offer you many cozy corners, ancient ruins, cobbled streets, balconies adorned with flowers, white-washed houses, and castles all reminiscent of Spain’s colorful history. Do not forget that the true cultural experiences, traditional festivals, and the best pieces of the regional Spanish cuisine also can be truly discovered only in villages. Every little town is different and has its own charm, but these are the most beautiful villages for us that you should explore.

Castellfullit de la Roca

This is one of the best-known and photographed villages in Catalonia because the small village is set on a narrow cliff. Honestly, it seems like the village with all those little houses, its church, people, and goats are going to fall into the abyss at any moment. The unique shape of the cliff is due to the erosion of the two surrounding rivers, Fluvià and Toronell, on the remains of the cooled volcanic lava thousands of years ago. The medieval town is tiny, with less than one square kilometer to walk on, due to the confined space up on the 50-meter-high cliff. This village reminds some decoration for a medieval thematic movie and it is surreal to think that people actually live here.


This is one of the most charming towns in the region of Asturias. The little houses facing the sea are the perfect match of colors that contrast with the pastel landscape of the ocean. The doorways of this fishing village are probably the most photographed and visited spots of Cudillero, with people trying to capture the true essence of this special town in the north of Spain. This village is a perfect spot to run away from all the rush and problems to enjoy the breeze of ocean, slow life, and amazing Asturian food.



Is your soul craving for beach, heat, high waves, but you hate those crowded places as Costa del Sol or Barceloneta? Then the little village of Altea near the city of Valencia will steal your heart! This hilltop white village with its rocky coastline, golden beach, and peaceful streets seems like a dream that came true. The village itself is cozy and beautiful with the Church of the Virgin Consuelo and its blue dome. By the way, here you can try the real paella Valenciana.


Far from the golden beaches and palm trees, the village of Albarracín is surrounded by mountains and will give you the feeling of time traveling back to the Middle Ages. The castle, main square, and cathedral are the hot spots to see but meandering the cobblestone streets and getting a little lost might be the best way to enjoy the village with a few stops to enjoy a glass of red wine and tapas. Climbing rocks could seem very frustrating, but the views are worth it!