The small and beautiful country of Columbia is located in the northwestern part of the continent of South America. There was a time when the country was known for its lovely and tranquil small towns. As the world took notice of how beautiful these small towns of Columbia are, they became busier and crowded. Some of the popular towns like Salento, which were once meditatively quiet, aren’t the same anymore. Nevertheless, Columbia still has some small delightful cities which are not affected by this tourism surge. Below are some of those towns.


It is quite astonishing to know that a town as picturesque as Jerico hasn’t caught the eye of the travelers when it’s nearby towns are quite popular. Located in the department of Antioquia, Jerico is a tiny town with lots of colorful but straightforward buildings surrounding the central plaza. The church of the town stands apart from other buildings as its taller than other buildings. The views of Cauca Valley from Jerico are as scenic as it gets. If you want to get away from your hectic life for some time, then Jerico is for you.


Mongui is a lovely town located in the Boyaca region. The fact that’s interesting about Mongui is that even after being an official heritage town, it is not very famous among the tourists. It is tough to spot any tourist during the weekdays. Other than being very peaceful and quiet, Mongui also offers you some tremendous Colonial time architecture. Visiting Mongui can make you feel like stepping into a different era.


The town of Mompox is always in there whenever anyone talks about the sleepiest town in the country. Located on a small island in the river of Magdalena, Mompox did not have any bridge or any other way to connect with the rest of the country, up until a few years ago. Throughout the day, the whole town seems as if no one lives in it. The heat is so intense in this region that people spend the entire day doing almost nothing. During the nighttime, the local Vallenato music makes you feel alive.


Buenavista is a small town sitting on the ridge of a mountain, in the Quindio region of Colombia. This hilly town offers you some of the most jaw-dropping views of Andes of Colombia. The name of Buenavista itself means excellent view in their language. The weather of the town is generally delightful, and the vibes are also very relaxing. Also, Buenavista has some great hostels to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

El Cocuy

El Cocuy town is the entry point of the famous National Park, El Cocuy. But it shouldn’t be seen as the walkover because of the popularity of the national park. This small town has some of the most friendly and kind people. The valley in which this town is located is worth having a short stay. The beautiful and heart-stopping views of the snowcapped mountain peaks of El Cocuy National Park are the added perks of this stay.

El Cocuy
El Cocuy