Canada is not just about donuts, mounties, snow, maple syrup, and winter sports.

Aside from these, you can discover a lot more about Canada, its people, and their culture. Instead of focusing on the big mainstream cities, choose a trip through these small Canadian towns when you plan your next visit to the White North.

Victoria-by-the-Sea, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has been made famous as the setting of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s young adult literature, Anne of Green Gables. On the south coast, 20 miles away from Charlottetown is a small town called Victoria-by-the-Sea. The same buildings and houses from its time as a vibrant and busy trading port could still be seen. Its red sand beaches, lighthouses, and the Victoria Playhouse make this coastal town well-loved by travelers and artists.

Forget, Saskatchewan

Unlike its name, the town of Forget in Saskatchewan can be an exciting place to visit. The atmosphere of the town is reminiscent of the American Midwest and was settled by descendants of French settlers from Quebec. The town of Forget may have a minuscule population, but it is well-known for being a haven for artists. An old rectory that dates back to 1904 has been converted to the Ananda Arthouse. The best restaurant that is highly recommended by the locals is the Happy Nun which get its name because of the shout-out to the locals’ French Catholic culture.

Hudson, Quebec

The small town of Hudson in Quebec can trace back its roots to the founding of New France. It celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. It was the hometown of the famous Canadian politician Jack Layton. Hudson is memorable for its vibrant and historical polo club which dates from 1901 and yacht club from 1909. The clubs produced outstanding players that won international accolades. Day trips are encouraged in Hudson for sailing activities, walking tours, or a stroll through the town and peruse some antique shops. The town also holds annual and seasonal festivals like the Shiver Festin winter, the FruitBowl Regatta, and the Hudson Street Fair.

Hudson, Quebec

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Fans of pirate stories, characters, and legends of lost treasure will have to put the small town of Mahone Bay in their travel plans while in Canada. Located in Nova Scotia, the town was formerly the center for shipbuilding in the area for a century after its founding in 1754. There are about 365 islands that can be explored near Mahone Bay by kayakers and fishers. The most famous of which is Oak Island because of rumors surrounding the Isle about buried treasure. The town is trendy in the summer for seafood dishes, bike trails, and its numerous beaches.

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Fans of nature and national parks should consider visiting the town of Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories. It is the home of the Wood Buffalo National Park, which is regarded as a World Heritage site. Many picturesque natural sceneries can be found in the forests and boreal plains. Animal lovers can visit endangered species like peregrine falcons, the wood bison, and the whooping cranes. White water enthusiasts can also have fun in the Slave River rapids.

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories